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Full Suspension Services

Stock suspension is never quite set up for your unique skill level, weight, height or type of riding. 

The wrong set-up results in either too harsh a ride or constant bottoming with unpredictability, less traction and cornering ability, lack of control and confidence in your bike.

This service includes all the work involved in a rebuild. Additionally we modify the internal dampening features to give you a customized set-up for your individual weight, ability, riding style and type of terrain encountered. Because our settings are individualized your support does not end at the time of delivery. We will work with you to make your revalve optimum for you with unlimited phone support.

When do you need your suspension serviced?

20+ Hours

The oil in your suspension has begun to break down. The performance you once had, is beginning to go away. 


40+ Hours 

There is a noticeable loss of damping control due to the break down of the oil and wear on parts. 


60+ Hours 

Your oil is broken down and parts are worn. The damping has changed noticeably


100+ Hours 

Your oil has broken down, it is no longer providing the necessary lubrication to friction surfaces. Parts have worn out, you are now at risk of causing damage to the inside of the shock body or the fork cartridge rods. 



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