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When you're riding your ATV or driving your UTV you want to make sure your machine is in excellent condition whether you're going for an adventure on the trails or plowing your driveway. D&K Motorcycle center is dedicated to making your machine as reliable and as safe as possible.


Some of the services we offer are:


Minor Service:

  • Lube and adjust chain

  • Oil change

  • Clean or replace air filter

  • Check all nuts and bolts

  • Check all fluid levels

  • Check hoses

  • Check or adjust brakes

  • Check tire pressure

  • Check front and rear differential fluids

  • Lube pivot points


Major Service includes Minor service & checking valves


It's very important to keep up maintenance on your dirt bike in order to keep it running correctly. Not having it maintained consistently with result in long term more expensive problems down the line. 


Call or email us today to set up an appointment!


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